10 motivi per visitare Castelbuono - Castelbuono

10 reasons to visit Castelbuono

One of the first things you notice when you approach Castelbuono is without a doubt the unusual (and frankly quite quirky) sign that says...

How to “stroll” in Castelbuono. An essential guide to the typical “passiata”

Those who choose to visit Castelbuono have many reasons to do so. The selection of food and wine is certainly a point of attraction,...
Natura (nature)

Naturally Castelbuono. A tour to discover the nature of the Madonie

One of Castelbuono’s greatest prides is the beauty of its extraordinary natural heritage. Located at the heart of the Madonie Park - nestled, like...
Castelbuono - Castello dei Ventimiglia

Discover Castelbuono

«For a significant portion of the global population, the Navel of the World can be found exactly in Piazza Margherita, in Castelbuono».Roberto Alajmo That’s how...