Laboratorio Saccardi e i carretti siciliani sulla mafia

[youtube fh788I3C0dk]

Il primo carretto siciliano del gruppo artistico “Laboratorio Saccardi”, da cui nasce la successiva serie dei masciddrari. Una copia dell’opera ? stata recentemente acquisita dal Museo Civico.

“Laboratorio Saccardi” is a group of unpleasant and uncivilized artists whose performances aim at the enhancement of uselessness. It rises as musical band in 2001 and consists of Tothi Folisi (electric guitar), Pino Borgia (bassist), Marco Barone (drums) and Vincenzo Profeta (vocals and harmonica). Characterized by a higher quality than Italian music, the group decides to postpone the starting of their musical career and to focus on their visibility through contemporary art systems. Saccardi is the last name of a Swiss artist of the last century. He was a precursor of that useless art and famous for having painted the flag of Switzerland, 7 years in advance compared with the American Jasper Johns. (The flag of Switzerland is also our symbol). They work in group because they are not “umbilical” artists, they admit they have nothing inside. Risen as rock band, they draw on Richard Benson and on people who cannot stay alone, as people who are sick or old or better politicians.